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Foot Gout Treatment

If you’ve suffered an injury or have a deformity, you can rely on our professional team. We're board certified in foot surgery and podiatric orthopedics. Allow us to apply our knowledge and our 28 years of experience to help you. Let us give you the care you deserve, and help you get back to your feet swiftly.

Prescribed medication and high uric acid levels in the blood cause gout attacks. Uric acid forms crystals in and around your joints, resulting in swelling and

excruciating pain.


With the help of our doctors gain complete control over the symptoms of gout and achieve lasting pain relief.

Causes of gout attacks

The treatment we provide gives the kidneys a boost it needs to flush or remove the uric acid crystals from the body. This keeps the gout from recurring.


Get back to normal living by reducing your pain. Bid farewell to suffering with gout symptoms. Contact us today.

Treatment with long lasting results

Gout is a condition that requires special care and treatment. If you have concerns regarding gout, consult with a podiatrist from Community Foot Clinic today.

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Stay Away From Needle-like Piercing Gout Attack


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